What’s the deal with electrical permits and do I really need one?

What’s the deal with electrical permits and do I really need one?

An electrical permit may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, electrical permits are necessary to protect both customers and contractors. Valkyrie Electric pulls electrical permits for several reasons:

  • Electrical permits provide a documented history of electrical work. They also help differentiate work performed by different electricians. For instance, if your home is being renovated, it’s important that there is a distinction between electrical work previously installed and any new electrical work. This protects both customers and contractors from any liability for previous electrical work that isn’t up to current standards.

  • Liability. Your home is your most valuable asset. Hiring qualified electricians helps protect this asset. Valkyrie Electric is licensed, bonded and insured. Part of being a licensed electrical contractor is taking electrical work very seriously. We are legally obligated to pull electrical permits, and doing so ensures that all of our electrical work complies with the most up to date electrical standards.

  • Insurance. Having unpermitted electrical work completed in your home can jeopardize your eligibility for a home insurance claim. An electrical permit shows that you have invested in qualified electrical work by a licensed electrical contractor and everything has been done to code and above board. Any insurance claims that result from unpermitted electrical work might not be covered by your home insurance provider.

  • Resale value. Maintaining and updating your home is an on going expense. We understand. We’re home owners too. Valkyrie Electric provides professional electrical services that add value to your home. If you have ever had a home inspection done, then you know the condition of your electrical system will be assessed and valued. Electrical permits provide a documented history of electrical work that will help keep that value in your home when it’s time to sell.


When is an electrical permit necessary?

The short answer is that licensed electrical contractors are required to pull electrical permits for nearly everything with only a few exceptions. The requirements for pulling electrical permits are outlined by Technical Safety BC and this information is available online on the Technical Safety BC website. It’s a long read. Save yourself some time and schedule a free consultation with Valkyrie Electric. We are up to date on all things electrical.

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What can I expect and how do electrical permits work?

Here’s the best part: Valkyrie Electric employees are Red Seal certified journeyman electricians and FSR B (BC Master Electrician) certified. In short, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is trust us with your electrical project. We deal directly with Technical Safety BC and provide all of our customers with permit numbers and documentation that shows all passed electrical inspections. Here’s a summary of a typical electrical permit process:

  1. Schedule a free in home consultation with Valkyrie Electric to determine your electrical needs and the scope of the project.

  2. Once the job commences and we are scheduled to begin work, Valkyrie Electric will pull an electrical permit with either the City of Victoria or Technical Safety BC, depending on where you live.

  3. Valkyrie Electric will schedule electrical inspections at each stage of the job to allow Technical Safety BC to evaluate the work. We can provide all passed inspection reports to customers for their reference.

  4. Once the work is completed and a final electrical inspection is passed, the electrical permit is closed. This means all of our electrical work has been evaluated and permanently documented. And it means you’re ready to enjoy the results of your newly completed renovation!


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