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We Need More Power

Do you dream of cooling off on summer days with a heat pump? Want to soak away your problems in a brand new hot tub? Nothing can kill your add-on dreams faster than a 40-year-old electrical panel that doesn’t have any more room. A trade off of any older home is that all of that character and charm often comes with an electrical system that is under capacity by modern standards. This is a very common problem, as electrical demand from appliances and home amenities has steadily increased over the past decades.

Unfortunately, high demand items like heat pumps, hot tubs, EV chargers, air conditioning, and electric tankless water heaters cannot be added to every electrical panel, even if there seems to be room for more breakers. Not sure if your electrical system has room? A quick way to check is to look at your panel’s main breaker. If it’s 100 amps or less, you’re probably out of room to install any new large appliances.

But don’t despair- Valkyrie Electric offers experienced, qualified installation of new electrical panels, load management systems, and service upgrades to give your home the capacity it needs to achieve your dreams. Upgrading an electrical system often requires coordinating with BC Hydro to ensure that your new electrical equipment is properly certified. Although it might seem like a big undertaking, it’s a very common update made to older homes. We always recommend that customers consider their long term plans for their home prior to doing any minor electrical work. If you’re planning for a future kitchen renovation, home addition, or the addition of a suite, it’s best to install new equipment that has room for future add-ons. A service and panel upgrade is an investment in the future of your home, and Valkyrie Electric is here to help!