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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Let’s face it: we all thought electric vehicles would be way cooler by now. But judging from the price at the pumps, we can see that the tide is turning toward electric vehicles. Many jurisdictions now require that new homes come pre-built with an outlet for an EV charger, and it’s estimated that by 2030, 60 percent of new vehicles on the road with be ZEB’s. But what if your home has been around since Marty McFly and Dock Emmett Brown first time travelled in a plutonium powered delorian? Fortunately, you don’t need 1.2 gigawatts to power an EV charger- just some expert advice.

Valkyrie Electric provides qualified installations of EV chargers from all of the top brands. We can also offer solutions if your existing electrical system doesn’t have the capacity for an EV charger. Even if you don’t have an electric vehicle yet, having an EV charging outlet installed can future-proof your home and increase its value. We always recommend to our customers who are planning a renovation that they think about adding wiring for a future charger.

BC Hydro now offers some great incentives to help you save on new installations. Qualifying for these rebates requires professional installation by a licensed electrical contractor. If you’re about to trade in your ol’ gas guzzler, check out BC Hydro’s rebate page.