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A Cautionary Tale for DIY’ers

Did you know that when it comes to electricity, DIY actually stands for “don’t install yourself?” Electricity in your home shouldn’t be a hobby. It’s serious stuff. We don’t need to throw a bunch of statistics at you to make the case that electricity done wrong can be dangerous.

Hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor and qualified, Red Seal electricians is the best way to make sure your electrical renovations are done right. At Valkyrie Electric, it’s our job to be up to date on the latest edition of the Canadian Electrical Code. Our quality of work must meet the standards set by the local jurisdiction. With the creation of new technology and electrical trends like home automation and load management systems, there are constant adaptations and changes to the electrical code. Despite the fact that running wires may seem like a no-brainer, we’ve seen some real nightmares when it comes to “do it yourself” electrical installations. Even if you’re a weekend warrior or a Jedi with a paintbrush, we recommend leaving the electrical to a professional.